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Jim's Mowing Auckland provides more services than our name suggests. The company can do almost anything in the garden including seasonal lawn treatments, hedge trimming, rubbish removal, minor landscaping, pruning, gutter cleaning and franchisees can set up a detailed garden maintenance program, designed over the year.

Professional lawn cut

provides the best possible finish for your lawn including professional edging of entire lawn area including around trees and other garden features

Garden Maintenance

We provide a great look and feel to any home that increases the appeal of your property. Jim’s Mowing Auckland can tailor garden maintenance programs to suit your garden’s needs or simply provide a once off visit.

Clean Ups and Rubbish Removal

One of the big trend with Jim’s Mowing Auckland is now with garden clean ups. We will weed your garden, trim your hedges and shrubs, now the lawn and remove all your rubbish.

Pruning and Hedge Trimming

Shrubs and trees need pruning to retain shape, health to remain attractive, Rhododendrons and Camellias also benefit from pruning

Small Landscaping Projects

This has become a new area of operation for many of our franchisees, especially after they have sat various horticultural papers and have built up their franchise business.

Gutter Cleaning

need to be cleared regularly to avoid water build up and overflow that cause damage to your roof and house, also contributing to leaky homes.

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